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April 11th, 2018

Injection Mould for Tiffany Chair

Jnmould have been copperating with different customers for different plastic chair moulds.

In these years, The tiffany chairs appear on different wedding.  It’s pretty popular.

Jnmould have been making different moulds for different version of tiffany chairs, with gas-assisted, or without gas-assisted; one chair by one shot, or assembly tiffany chair;

tiffany chair changable insertjn14194 bamboo chair (5)jn14194 bamboo chair (9)jn14194 bamboo chair (11)





















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April 3rd, 2018

plastik sandalye,plastic transparent PC chair

Jnmould have rich successful experience in all kinds of plastic injection Chair moulds . Such as chair mould with arm or without arm , chair mould with leg or without leg , chair mould with interchangeable back inserts,chair mould with gas assistance,etc . Our professional designers will give you good suggestions to make moulds with economic cost but high-class quality.

If you have any new project on hand,please kindly contact with us,we are professional plastic transparent PC chair mould manufacturer (mould maker).









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