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April 10th, 2020

Plastic table mould

During these years, the outdoor furniture: plastic immitation rattan table is popular.

Jnmould have been developing different immitation rattan furuniture, chair & table for our customers.

Meanwhile, Jnmould supply the good quality of the plastic mould of rattan table.plastic mould of rattan chair.

table legs (2)table legs (5) table legs (1) table legs (3)


April 10th, 2020

Classica Outdoor Plastic Sofa Set Mould Maker

In recent years, the market’s demand for outdoor plastic sofas has been increasing.
Jnmould  is the earliest mold manufacturer that designs and develops outdoor plastic sofa mould. Based on the requirements of customers, Jnmould provides a series of development services for customers before the development of plastic sofa molds.

1. Jnmould do detailed product structure analysis;

2. For the special features of outdoor products, optimize the product structure assembly to avoid the use of rusty accessories;

3. Optimize the product structure so that the final guests of the plastic sofa are more convenient and quicker when they are installed and used.

Based on years of accumulated experience, Jnmould has formed a complete and mature technical system on outdoor plastic sofa mould, which has made outdoor plastic sofa molds trusted by customers worldwide.
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