August 13th, 2013

plastic rattan chair mould

Chair mould is one of main plastic injection mould in commodity mould series.Over more than 10 years in plastic chair moulds manufacture industry,Jnmould owns high experience in making plastic chair moulds and owns lots of chair mould customer from all over the world.If you have any new projects on hand,please don’t hesitate to contact with us.



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August 7th, 2013

blow chair mould

JNMOULD is not only professional in making injection chair mould, but alaso professional in making blow chair mould.

Recently, we finished some blow chair moulds which is similar as last year, but with more sizes. Customer appreciate our quality and makes more and more blowing chair mould with us.

blow chair 01

blow chair 02

Pls contact us if you need any chair molds.

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July 23rd, 2013

PP chair mould maker

How to develop a new plastic chair mould? How to order a plastic chair mould? How to make chair molding ? Welcome to Jnmould and we will offer you most professional information for plastic chair design and plastic chair moulds with complete line  for your building of new plastic chair mould.

Jnmould is a professional mould manufacturer in designing and making  plastic chair mould. We produce around 90 sets chair molds for one year, including PC transparent plastic chair mold, plastic rattan chair mould, PP chair mould and so on.



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June 13th, 2013

Chiar Mould Maker

Jnmould has rich experience in making all kinds of chair molds: Plastic chair mould, children’s chair mould, bench chair mould, plastic stool mould, office chair mould, theater chair, etc. Please visit our company’s website for more detail information(,and kindly contact us.



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June 8th, 2013

Outdoor Chair Mould

Jnmould can produce all kinds of plastic injection chair moulds as per customers’ requirements.

Jnmould has modern manufacturing facility and has collected more than 20 years’ experience in moulding field.

Product Description:

Outdoor Chair Mould
1. Mould steel: Steel 45#, 50#, 718, 2083, P20 etc.
2. Product Size: As per customer requirement
3. Plastic Material: PP, PE ,ABS and so on.
4. Mould life: 500, 000 shots or as per customer requirement

5. Perfect Mould Design & Complete Construction
6. Advanced CNC machining centers, EDM machine, wiring machine, grinding machines, lathes, drilling, injection molding machines, and other large and medium-sized imported equipment alike.
7. Reliable mould qualityand and good after service.

Please contact me if you have any interest with Jnmould.

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April 16th, 2013

plastic injection chair mould

Jnmould is a professional high class plastic chair mould manufacturer in China.

Jnmould’s advantage:

1.The best cooling system for producing.

2.The plastic chair can auto eject.

3.All actions of  the chair mould  move smoothly.



If  you have any interest or any questions,pls kindly let me know and contact me.

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April 13th, 2013

Plastic Chair Moulds

Jinnuo is professional in designing and making plastic chair mould. We produce arround 90 sets of plastic chair mould in 2012, including PC chair,plastic rattan chair, PP chair and so on.

Jinnuo will consider the following points for customer before mould designing:

1.Running cycle time.

2. Shot guarantee.

3. Parting line finish is good or not? Is there any sharp?

4. Wall thcikness is even or not.

5. Make chair mould with less weight but strong enough.

6. How about the stackable?

7. How to make the air venting on the backrest?

8. How to keep your chair mould  long-lasting?

9.How to solve the melt line on the obvious plane?

10. Gas assistance to decrease the weight and maintain max. strength.

PC chair mould

If you have any question for plastic chair mould, Pls feel free contact us.

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April 13th, 2013

Childrens Chair Mould

Jnmould has made many kinds of childrens chair mould this year.Jnmould is a professional mould maker in China,we can do both designing and manufacturing.We also have the experience of making other kinds of chair moulds,like garden chair mold,rattan chair mold and so on.


childrens chair mould

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January 7th, 2013

Outdoor chair mould (Garden chair mould)

Outdoor chair now is very common used in the park, the village leisure place, entertainment plaza, etc. Outdoor plastic chair becomes a beautiful scene of the city, it is convenient to have brought for people, make more harmonious environment.

JNMOULD is making various of outdoor chair mould, such as outdoor chair mould with and without armrest, casual outdoor chair mould, outdoor rattan chair mould, outdoor chair mould with and without gas-assisted, etc.

Usually, the plastic material for outdoor chair mould is PP, PC, ABS, PMMA.

Now PC transparent outdoor chair and rattan outdoor chair are very popular in using.

JNMOULD is professional in making PC chair mould and rattan chair mould, with and without gas-assisted.

If you want further information about outdoor chair mould, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you not only a mould, but also a perfect solution.

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December 25th, 2012

China plastic chair mould maker

Jinnuo Mould is a professional mold manufacturer in designing and making plastic chair mould. We produce around 90 sets chair mould for one year, including PC transparent plastic chair mould, plastic rattan table mould, PP chair mould and so on.

For the style of the chair, the plastic chair mould includes the traditional style and personalized style.

According to different customers, our plastic chair mould includes children plastic chair mould and adult plastic chair mould.

Depending on location environment, our plastic chair mould includes indoor plastic chair mould and outdoor chair mould.

According to the different requirements of customers, including plastic armchair mould, plastic armless chair mould, etc., classic style and and the European plastic chair mould with personality.

During the plastic Chair mould manufacturing process, our concern the cycle of the plastic chair mould, the  parting line, wall thickness, and exhaust. Superimposed on the mold of the gas-assisted process and on the machine to change the seat back insert, as well as chair of our production constantly sum up, now has a mature technology and experience.

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