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April 13th, 2013

Plastic Chair Moulds

Jinnuo is professional in designing and making plastic chair mould. We produce arround 90 sets of plastic chair mould in 2012, including PC chair,plastic rattan chair, PP chair and so on.

Jinnuo will consider the following points for customer before mould designing:

1.Running cycle time.

2. Shot guarantee.

3. Parting line finish is good or not? Is there any sharp?

4. Wall thcikness is even or not.

5. Make chair mould with less weight but strong enough.

6. How about the stackable?

7. How to make the air venting on the backrest?

8. How to keep your chair mould  long-lasting?

9.How to solve the melt line on the obvious plane?

10. Gas assistance to decrease the weight and maintain max. strength.

PC chair mould

If you have any question for plastic chair mould, Pls feel free contact us.

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